Supporting talented individuals and facilitating their initiatives on self-actualization, development and application of their talents for the benefit of self and broader community.
In our daily activities towards the above goal, we are guided by the following principles:

• Freedom for curiosity and idea-testing
• Scientifically valid, evidence-based approach accompanied by outcome measurement
• Equally deep respect for every individual incl. those with special needs
• Recognition of the fundamental truth that every human is gifted
• Genuine attitude for cooperation and openness, at all levels, to realize synergies
• Sharp focus on those enhancements that are visible to and appreciated by the beneficiaries

Our key activities:

• Targeted facilitation for talents
• Research and consulting work, both applied and fundamental in nature
• Engagement in national and global exchange of knowledge and good practices
• Involvement of volunteers and benefactors, as well as media, in supporting talents and nourishing a supportive environment for their development